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Saunas are amazing things, not only can they rejuvenate mind and soul, but they can also rejuvenate your body. Studies have shown numerous positive physical and physiological benefits of saunas.

While certain countries and cultures seem to have saunas everywhere, in the states, if you want to go to a sauna regularly, the best way is to have your own personal sauna. The most common question regarding a personal sauna is about the kind of wood that is best to use.

What is the best wood for a sauna? There are several great choices out there. It really depends on what your preferences are. There are several determining factors that we will go over in this article. We will list our five favorite kinds of wood and explain why we like each one.


Best Wood for Sauna

Cedar is our favorite choice. Cedar has many desirable traits. Its reddish hue and few knots make it very pleasing to look at, especially while relaxing in a sauna. The density of cedar also is a plus since it results in the heat being distributed evenly and therefore is generally not too hot to touch. It also naturally resists mold. Therefore, getting a Cedar Sauna is a great option.

Spruce is a very popular choice among Finnish saunas, and the Finnish take their saunas seriously. It is also a cheaper option than cedar. Although similar to pine, it has many knots. The problem with knots, other than aesthetic, is that they can eventually fall out, resulting in holes in your sauna walls.

Basswood is a great, albeit more expensive, option for personal saunas. It is a good choice for those who suffer from the fragrances of woods like cedar. It is hypoallergenic, therefore a good choice for those who suffer allergies from toxins present in some woods.

Poplar is another great choice. The main benefits of using poplar in a sauna are that, like basswood, it is hypoallergenic, and it is also odorless. Poplar is used quite often in the medical world due to these features. Aesthetically it is light in color, however, a little darker than basswood.

Eucalyptus is used less frequently. However, it is growing in popularity. Eucalyptus is solid and durable. It also has a beautiful uniform color to it, comparable to teak but much cheaper. Another plus is that it is environmentally friendly, thanks to how fast it can be grown. It does not give off its odor when used in a sauna, although some like the idea of using eucalyptus essential oils in their sauna.


Final Words

As you can see, there are several factors to take into consideration when picking the best wood for a sauna. Our top picks are cedar, spruce, basswood, poplar, and eucalyptus. Take into consideration the reasons why we chose these woods and compare them with your own needs.

If you do this, you will surely find the perfect wood for your personal sauna!



Cleaning is a good practice that improves a healthy lifestyle while also preventing you from illnesses. Some people decide to subcontract cleaners for a regular, thorough job while others prefer to do it on their own. The most prominent part of any house is the floor; therefore, it is essential to keep it clean the whole time.

A dirty floor can cause you to slip and injure yourself severely. The most common tool for cleaning floors is a mop. Mops come in a variety of designs and sizes; therefore, choosing the best mop for your home can be a tedious process. However, below are some guidelines you can consider to help you select the best type of mop that will fit perfectly for your home needs.


Tips On Choosing the Best Mop for Your Home

best wet mop for home tile floors

1. Type Of Floor In Your House

There are many types of mops, and all of them are suitable for different kinds of flooring materials. First, you should know precisely the sort of floor you have to avoid selecting a mop that will result in under cleaning or, in the worst-case, damage your floor through scratches.

There is no general design that suits all surfaces. For instance, tiled floors require a model that will efficiently clean between the joints, and this is not the same case for other types like laminated or wooden floors.


2. Ease Of Use

Mops come in different designs and sizes, before buying, ensure your choice will not give you a hard time when cleaning. The best mop should be the one you can easily carry around without requiring so much effort.

Also, the stick comes in different lengths, and the perfect recommendation should have a similar height to you. If you want to avoid bending, consider the type of mop that can automatically wring the water out. Also, a mop bucket with wheels will make your movements around more comfortable.


3. Pricing

When you are planning to buy any household item, you must have a budget to guide you. Mop prices vary widely depending on the need of use and designs. The idea that the most expensive is the best is not correct since you might get disappointments after investing a lot financially. A budget will limit you on overspending. Also, you get to do research and make a comparison of the different types you like before finally settling on what you can afford.


4. Online Reviews

When you go to a store to buy a mop or any other product, there is no way an attendant will tell you the product is not right. However, customers who have previously used it are in a position to give unbiased reviews. After you settle on the choice you feel is right, take time and check for reviews of the mop to get a more accurate view of how effective your preference is.



If you consider the above tips, choosing a mop for your home will be an easy process. You will get the best there is, and it will serve its purpose. Mopping will become an enjoyable task for you since the right choice will not require a lot of effort.



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