Can You Use A Bassinet To Breastfeed?

For many new moms, loss of sleep is the foremost problem that they encounter when bringing a newborn baby home. “Sleep like a baby” is a bit of a misnomer as babies wake every two hours to be fed. However, breastfeeding moms have an advantage over bottle feeders.

They can simply roll over and feed the baby without ever leaving their bed. In the past, this meant that baby had to sleep with mom (and dad) in the same bed which presents its own set of problems. Sleeping with a baby in the same bed forms bad sleeping habits from the get-go and can put a relationship between partners at risk. And of course, there is always a concern that the baby may roll out of bed or be squashed by mom or dad.

breastfeeding bassinet

However, the innovative new bassinets for infants allows mom’s the same benefits of sleeping and breastfeeding with baby in the same bed while eliminating most of the concerns.

The bassinet is placed right up against the side of the bed where mom sleeps. The height of the sleeping surface can be adjusted so that it is the same height as the bed.

One side of the bassinet either has a partition that slides away to leave the side of the bassinet facing the bed open or a cut out that provides easy access for mom. The baby is within arms reach meaning mom can easily tend to just about all baby’s needs without ever leaving the comfort of her bed – including breastfeeding.

With some of these modern bassinets, mom can either choose to remove the baby from the bassinet to see to his or her needs or she can simply deliver the necessary care in the bassinet. Breastfeeding simply means lying on the side and moving baby close enough so that he or she has easy access to the breast.

These new bassinets are the ideal choice for moms who have delivered their babies via a C-section or cesarean section. A C-section cuts through the abdominal muscles making it very difficult and painful for mom to lift baby or move at all. Not to mention that movement increases the risk of tearing the sutures and wound open from the inside out.

bassinets for newborn babies

The recommended healing time for C-section mothers is 6 weeks in which time she is advised not to lift or pick up the baby. This can be very difficult for a mom who breastfeeds. Moms who have had a C-section also struggle with traditional breastfeeding positions. These positions can cause pain and discomfort.

The ability to lie down on her side and breastfeed eliminates the pain associated with other breastfeeding positions. Bassinets that are designed to be placed in arms reach to allow for this comfortable breastfeeding position as well as pain and risk-free means of providing for baby’s needs while reducing the need to leave the bed.

There is a wide range of bassinets available on the market to choose from that are designed to meet both the needs of mom and baby in their first few months together.

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