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Training course in Venezuela 2006 (B.Huertas)
Training course in Colombia 2006 (B.Huertas)
Training course in Bolivia 2006 (A. Valdivia)
Collecting in Esmeraldas forest, Ecuador
Training course in Peru/Ecuador 2006 (C.Castillo)
Student courses and grants for research on Lepidoptera

Training courses

The Tropical Andean Butterfly Diversity Project (TABDP) offered training courses to those interested in studying butterflies in each Andean country that is part of the TABD project (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela).


Courses offered included Basic and Advanced.

All courses included talks on the state of research on butterflies in the host Andean country, opportunities and resources. Course attendants received copies of teaching materials, including lectures, computer programmes and identification guides, depending on the course.

BASIC COURSE A general introduction to neotropical butterfly research and modern techniques in the study of butterfly biology and diversity. Some of the main topics covered include:
-Introduction to tropical butterfly diversity: morphology, function and ecology of Lepidoptera.
-Principles of systematics: descriptive taxonomy and cladistics.
-History of butterfly classification and systematics.
-Analysing species diversity and distribution (latitude, elevation).
-Collecting methods, preserving and setting butterflies.
-Biogeography, evolution and conservation of Lepidoptera (Papilionoidea).
-Field techniques, inventories.
-Writing scientific papers and grant applications.

ADVANCED COURSE More experience and training in field work techniques applicable to particular groups only, through a stronger emphasis on practical sessions. Participants discussed potential projects with instructors, and presented a short talk either on their own research or on a planned future study.

Dates and Courses

The second year TABD courses were conducted between September and December 2007 as follows:

ECUADOR: 17-21 September, Podocarpus National Park, Zamora-Chinchipe. Advanced.

COLOMBIA: 29 October-3 November, Estación Biológica Yotoco, Cauca. Intermediate.

VENEZUELA: 7-11 November, Rancho Grande Biological Station, Aragua. Basic.

PERU: 20-25 November, Tarapoto, LOCATION TO BE CONFIRMED. Intermediate.

BOLIVIA: 28 November-3 December, Estación Biológica Asociación comunitaria de Ecoturismo Urpuma, Parque Nacional y Área Natural de Cotapata, La Paz. Intermediate.