Types of the Best Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fans do more than facilitate air circulation – they are vital in the addition and style and function in various spaces. They also help home and premise owners to keep their energy bills low by enhancing optimal air circulation. Choosing a modern ceiling fan depends on various factors, and picking the prettiest may not always have the best results. The knowledge of the various types of ceiling fans helps one make an established decision and get the right ceiling fan for the right application.

Here are some of the common types of modern ceiling fans.

best modern ceiling fan

1. Standard Ceiling Fans

As the name suggests, these fans are the most common and popular in homes. Most of them have a five-blade design with various finishes, ranging from brushed nickel to a black finish. Some standard ceiling fans are also fitted with a built-in light, while some also come with no light fitted. Another common feature of these ceiling fans is that they have a variety of operating mechanisms.

2. Energy Star Ceiling Fans

These energy star ceiling fans qualify this description since they use 20-30% less energy than the standard ceiling fans, and are therefore environmentally-friendly than other types of ceiling fans. Their improved blades and motors are designed and made with the latest design. As such, these fans are known for their near-zero emissions and energy efficiency.

3. Low Profile Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans are often referred to as flush-mounted or hugger ceiling fans. For installation, these fans are affixed to mounting brackets directly, which makes them flush against the ceiling. They are, therefore, perfect choices for rooms whose ceilings are low, probably less than 8 feet. However, their proximity to the ceiling restricts optimal air circulation, but still does a good job with that.

4. Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

Most of the modern types of ceiling fans can be controlled using remote controls. Such ceiling fans significantly come to the aid of individuals with mobility issues or those who prefer to enjoy the convenience of remote control. They are also excellent choices for homeowners with high ceilings and are also used in restaurants, auditoriums, commercial premises, and event rooms.

5. Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Just as their name suggests, these ceiling fans are driven by two motors. The central motor housing is attached to two horizontal rods, each holding its own adjustable fan head. Dual motor ceiling fans allow users to adjust the speed of each motor as desired. These fans add to the aesthetic value of a room than other traditional types.

6. Damp & Wet Ceiling Fans

These are the perfect fan choices for outdoor settings, especially for users in wet areas. Motors running these ceiling fans are resistant to damage that may be brought about moisture. They also have all-weather blades, which are warping-resistant. These ceiling fans often come in various styles, including exotic, traditional, and contemporary styles. These fans are best installed in covered patios, porches, and sun-rooms, where high levels of humidity are expected. They can also be installed in outdoor kitchens or gazebos.

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