What Is A Frame Tent? Frame Tent vs Pole Tent

A frame tent is a free-standing tent without center poles and guy ropes that can be erected on almost any type of surface. It can also be erected adjacent to a building or another tent. The lack of poles makes it ideal for major events and exhibitions as it is easy to transport and store.

The best frame tent is a very stable structure that can be spanned over a wide area and is usually made of high-quality PVC which also comes in clear-span that resembles glass.

Frame marquee tents, for example, have standard sizes that range from 5 meters up to 30 meters wide or can be customized to suit requirements. They are suitable for functions like parties and weddings as well as for large public events and exhibitions.

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Frame Tent vs Pole Tent

The main difference is that a free-standing frame tent can be erected on surfaces like concrete, asphalt, grass or deck whereas a pole tent needs to be supported by stakes driven into the ground and is therefore unsuitable for use on hard surfaces – unless the poles and stakes can be driven into the hard surface.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Frame Tents

frame tent price• Frames are usually made from high-quality structural grade extruded aluminum with fabricated electro-galvanized steel connectors and fitters.
• The fabric is usually made of standard PVC that is waterproof, mildew resistant, and fire retardant.
• Most frame tents can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km/h.
• Frame tent structures are designed to support additions like ceilings and walls.
• Self-supporting frame tents can be pitched virtually anywhere.
• Frame tents can be pitched against a building to incorporate movement from inside to outside.
• Several frame tents can be pitched adjacent to each other for larger events.
• Sizes can range from 5m x 5m, 10×10 inch to a massive 30m x 100m that can seat a couple of thousand people.

• The lack of supporting poles increases the usable square footage of the available space.
• The pipes of the frame are visible inside the tent but can be covered with white pipe liners or the walls of the tent can be entirely covered with fabric.
• Frame tents are generally more expensive to purchase or hire due to the labor involved in setting up.

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Pole Tents Merits and Demerits

• Pole tents are mostly erected on grass areas unless the poles can be staked into hard surfaces.
• Usually, pole tents have at least one center pole and some people prefer the look of the traditional tent shape as it naturally peaks and dips.
• The poles can be used as a feature by decorating them with flowers, vines, or fabric.
• There are no metal pipes visible inside the tent.
• Pole tents can be more economical to rent than frame tents.

• Some people find the poles inconvenient as they can obstruct views and interfere with table layouts.

Final Verdict

Installation methods like anchoring and overall appearance are key factors that need to be considered when choosing which tent to purchase for a function or event. Frame tents are sturdy and can be customized to accommodate huge events while pole tents are more suited to intimate functions such as weddings and garden parties.

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