What Is The Purpose Of A Garbage Disposal Switch?

A garbage disposal air switch is simply a device that can be used to either turn the garbage disposal on or turn it off. These types of switches are very common among homeowners because the switch is so easy to install, use and keep maintained.

In addition, homeowners do not have to be concerned about the type of air switch that they have chosen to install for their kitchen garbage disposal. Almost all switches are compatible with the current garbage disposals that are on the market.

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The following information will provide more details and answers to commonly asked questions regarding garbage disposal air switches. After reading this information, you will be more prepared to make an educated buying decision.

What Is A Garbage Disposal Air Switch?

As mentioned above, this switch offers homeowners an alternative and convenient way to turn the disposal on. Instead of electricity, the switch instead uses air pressure in order to activate the disposal. This means that there is a decreased risk of electric shock if the garbage disposal is turned on with wet hands.

The air switch is push-button and it can easily be mounted near the kitchen sink or on the counter. In either location, the switch will be readily accessible and can be reached with ease.

Air switches are a lot more convenient than electrical switches that are usually mounted on a cabinet or on the wall.


How Does It Work?

When the button is initially pressed, air moves towards the control unit. Then, the air travels throughout the tubing that connects the control unit to the button.

After the unit receives the signal that air is present, the garbage disposal is powered up and ready to use. Once you are ready to turn the garbage disposal off, you press the button again.


Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation

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The following is the step by step process to install the air switch for the garbage disposal. The first thing that you should do is choose the best location to place the air switch, and then drill a hole where the switch will be mounted.

If the switch will be mounted on the sink, do not place it near the handles of the faucet. If you do, it will get wet each time you turn the faucet.

Take one end of the tubing and attach it to the bottom of the button. Then take the push button and insert it into the mounting hole. Be sure to tighten the button by using a plastic nut.

The other end of the tubing is then connected to the control unit. If necessary, the tubing can be cut to get it to the correct length.

Then, plug the cable for the power into the outlet on the wall. Finally, plug the garbage disposal cord in the control unit. It is important to follow instructions and take the proper precautions to make sure everything remains safe.



Garbage disposal air switches are very simple to install and mount. There is no complicated wiring or the need to use a lot of tools. They are safe and reduces the risk of electric shock in the home.

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